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Friday, July 15, 2016

More on K's chinese homework ........

Since yesterday's post was on K's learning to be responsible for a mundane task as 习字, thought I'd share my parent-teacher meeting experience with her Chinese teacher which took place just before the June school holidays.
Her teacher is a very kind & gentle lady. She is not fierce to the gals and is ever so gentle when she speaks. Think the gals like her 
Anyway, she started off by telling me K is a good student and her results were good etc etc. Then went on to highlight some composition weakness. She did not mention any issue with K not handing in her homework on time etc until I raised it. I mentioned to her that I understand that K is sometimes (or maybe all the time??) late in handing in her Chinese homework and is that an issue with the teacher? Told the teacher that I have tried addressing the issue with K with little success and that Chinese is the only subject that I see she is tardy wrt homework.
I told the teacher that she can be fiercer to K if she sees the need and it is alright with me if she 惩罚 K appropriately. Essentially I am requesting that she exercises her authority as the Teacher (without saying it that way).
She did not immediately agree to my suggestions .... in fact .... she said something to the effect that she would prefer to channel that energy to teaching the kids. Not wrong I suppose.
But 2 weeks into the new term, i think the teacher is taking up my suggestion in a different form..... I can tell that K is giving her Chinese homework a little more emphasis (hope this continues). To my knowledge (may not be complete since this is what I hear from K), the teacher has spoken privately to her in addition to giving her notices !
Sometimes 老师讲一句真的胜过家长讲十句.
To all the passionate teachers out there - thank you for choosing this challenging profession!
To the teachers i have met who are so effective in their teaching methods, at the same time command the respect of their students and also be loved by the students, I salute you!! K has had the fortune to have such teachers and may she continue to be blessed by them!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Homework ......

First week back in school, K came back with her Chinese 习字本and I realised she "owed" her Chinese teacher 1 semester of corrections. I dont know how her teacher can tolerate that. 😅 Anyway, i think her teacher had a word with her and she did them as quickly as she could during the first week.
Today, I discovered that besides the corrections she actually did not do a lot of her 习字 for semester 1. 😓
when I met the teacher during the PTM ... she actually didn't complain to me 😜 so I was clueless.
I know K has been quite laxed about her homework (she's on the ball only if the teacher is fierce) but I always thought she would hand in her work ... even if she's late. To me, I think she is an responsible girl mah 😉 haha, think I am wrong on this count.
Now she's whining and whining while doing her 习字 . Imagine having to write so many words in 1 day 😂😂 it's quite a dread. I totally understand. (And the reason why she is doing them now is because the teacher '贴大字报' 了 。。😛)
Guess she has to understand and take responsibility for her own work.
What has mummy been doing u ask?
Oops, Sorry, I am not responsible for her homework. I usually check with her if she has any and if yes, has she done it. I take her word for it and that's it. I don't check or enforce. I told her that's not my responsibility.
I hope she learnt her lesson! And be more responsible going forward.

my reply to a friend who suggested that i should keep closer tabs on her homework until she gets the "hang" of it ... :) 

to me, homework is between she and her teacher. She must learn and recgonise that she is responsible for what is assigned to her. The homework was not assigned to me. If she chooses to ignore the homework or simply forget about it, because the teacher is not stringent or fierce and she thinks she can get away with it. Then, it's time that she realise that she cannot get away with it and there will be consequences. Just like how this teacher is now "after" her for what is owed her. like you said, nobody taught us how to manage our homework!  heehee. some skills can be self taught i think and in this respect, i believe it's still an area that she can afford to fail/fall and learn from it herself .... hope i am right!