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Monday, June 20, 2016

June Getaway to Bintan, The Canopi.

For this year's holiday, we chose a destination which we have avoided for a long time!! Our last visit was probably in the mid-1990s before we were even married! I think! I really cannot remember.  I only remembered the name of the resort - Sedona Beach Resort -- understand that it's been rebranded and now known as Bintan Lagoon Resort.

Anyway, the reason we were not keen on Bintan was primarily we thought it was full of singaporeans (it still is i think!) and quite pricey -- as prices were similar to singapore.  So after 1 visit, we thought we will give it a miss since there are other more interesting and worthy destinations to visit! heehee.

However, when I saw pictures of The Canopi, and because i was really keen on the idea of glamping (having read about it much earlier) -- i thought it's a good chance to try since it's so near home too!

Bintan, well, there were still many singaporeans and yes, prices are still similar to Singapore.  But i think prices have ran away so much in singapore that Bintan prices now appears slightly more reasonable....LOL.  More importantly, the activities available were really kids-friendly and i am glad we did not close our mind to Bintan as a holiday destination.  Overall, it was an enjoyable time and just like our Langkawi experience, so glad we gave it a try! 

But, comparing Bintan and Langkawi, i personally think Langkawi is a nicer destination.  The advantage that Bintan has over Langkawi is that it is nearer to Singapore and accessible by ferry which makes it cheaper and faster. 

My complaint about Bintan is that it feels very man-made (but of course it is!) unlike Langkawi :) and where we stayed, there weren't many shops/F&B outlets within walking distance.

Will i go back to Bintan again? Probably....only because i have a child and i think she will enjoy it!

Here's my review of The Canopi on tripadvisor.