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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Post parent-teacher meet thoughts

Last Saturday was the PTM (parent-teacher meeting) with K's school teachers.

I kind of look forward to meeting the teachers to hear their views of K... even though there's also contact throughout the semester ...guess the Semester 1 results provide a good reference point.

Anyway, their feedback about her behavior is quite consistent to what we have heard in P1 and P2 - so that's OK. The usual friendly, caring, likeable comments :)   She seems more confident in class now ... in P2 her Chinese form teacher ever commented to us that she likes to 'hide behind' her classmates and relies on others for answers/thoughts. Seems like no such comment this year.

When it comes to her work, while the teachers generally have positive comments about her, there are also areas she needs to improve on:

- not handing in her work (late or completely not handing in Chinese homework)

- distracted in class. (Maths)

Her Maths teacher told us frankly that she was pleasantly surprised by K's Maths results.  I think she was expecting a much lower score... lol. And she was telling us that K generally has a lot of corrections for the work done and she often does not know what's happening in class -_-  I guess I am not surprised by the feedback. .. because I have seen her worksheets and practice papers ..... full of mistakes! Thank God she decided to be careful and put in the effort during her Semestral exam.

Whereas her Chinese teacher seemed resigned to the fact that she is one of those students who is not diligent when it comes to homework 😑  poor teacher.  I think K is taking advantage of her 'kindness'.

K is most afraid of her English teacher who has a reputation for being fierce. But sadly, English is also the subject she fared worst. Let's see if I can help her brush up her English this June. 

The funny thing is I think the English teacher prepares the girls quite well for exams ... so there is a disconnect for me in terms of the results. Maybe K is trying so hard not to be scolded by the teacher in class that she is missing out on what is actually taught ! Haha.

Well, let's see how terms 3 and 4 go!

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