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Friday, January 15, 2016


In Dec 2015, we went for a short getaway to Langkawi in Malaysia.

It was more enjoyable than I had imagined ... haha... maybe it was because i wasn't diligent enough in my research and had relied on my "hearsay" knowledge of langkawi.

I have never visited Langkawi prior to this. Kind of embarrassed saying that considering that it's such a near destination and many of my "foreign" friends have visited langkawi! LOL.

"Touristy", "expensive", "crowded", "nicer beaches elsewhere" -- all these were comments/feedback that probably made me give less consideration to Langkawi as a holiday destination.

And to a certain extent, these are true statements -- but that shouldn't put me off visiting a destination i suppose.  Afterall, Paris is touristy and quite expensive too - and hoardes of tourists still go there!

Langkawi surprised me with its laidback feel even though it is touristy! i don't know how it achieved it, but i guess it has to do with the culture and people ;) and touristy has its perks -- everything is well-oiled -- everyone knows what should be done, how it should be done and even though its chaotic sometimes (like when we went island hopping) -- there is some sort of order in the chaos and everything just functioned smoothly.  Very minor hiccups. 

Travelling with a child, I think that is an important consideration for me especially since we usually travel free and easy (don't think we have gone on a packaged tour with kaira at all, except for cruises); And Langkawi ticked all the right boxes.  I loved the eco-tourism activities - and honestly they are not that expensive now as the Ringgit is quite weak.  Even accomodation -- there are so many choices from backpackers inn to family resorts to high end resorts -- for budgets of all sorts. and taxis to the major attractions are fixed price -- so we don't have to worry about haggling and being taken for a ride.  I guess i am beginning to appreciate touristy ;)

Langkawi - we will probably see you again sometime.


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