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Thursday, May 07, 2015

伤口虽已痊愈, 疤痕却抹不去

前几天, 新闻报道女艺人庞XX 怀孕初期 (似乎是1个月不到) 不幸流产。 之后就投入红星大奖·主持工作 -- 非常之坚强的表现。  她也表示希望借自己的经验, 激励同病相怜的朋友, 继续坚强, 活的精彩。  给她个赞。

这让我联想起自己的遭遇。 当时的我, 也是迅速的回复日常生活。  可能不想让年迈的双方父母担心; 也可能是因为还要照顾仅2+岁的女儿吧; 又或者当时老公不在身边, 一切都要自己照料; 而过不久又得从新加坡回荷兰; 当时必需坚强, 勇往直前。  根本就没什么时间去哀。 也不想沉于悲痛吧。

5年前的 blog post.

虽似无恙。 但事隔5年, 想起, 心还是会酸痛。 伤口虽已痊愈, 疤痕却抹不去。

有时我想, 当时如果给予自己时间及空间好好的哀悼, 可能如今就不会感触多多 隐隐作痛。  那一刻过去了, 就回不来了。  我已回不到从前了。

借此提醒自己, 勇于面对心里的哀与魔也是一种勇气吧!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Waterpark in Germany - Tropical Islands.

A couple of days back saw a TV show featuring waterparks.

this water park located in Germany looked awesome!!! for a while i wished we were still living in Europe!! Then we can hop into our car and pop by Germany to have some fun!!

Blogging it so that i can have it for future reference ;)  Website 

 hahaha, seriously don't know when i will be back in Europe again ..... but we never know! ;)

and also for my friends in Europe who do visit my blog .... maybe you can check it out!! The waterpark looks really amazing!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Money Saving Tip : Discounted prices for Singapore attraction tickets

Remember i mentioned about getting discounted tickets to Adventure Cove?

Just saw their latest price list -- thought i'd share it here! 有福同享 or rather 有 discount 同享 ....hahaha!  i don't get any advertising fees from them ok ..... purely sharing cos i think we all enjoy getting a good deal ;)

anyway, i also realise that there are quite a number of such travel agents offering discounts .... saw some ads on Carrousel too.  So you may wish to compare prices before making your final purchase!