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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kaira's birthday celebration in school

Since her birthday is during the school holidays and we will be overseas, Kaira requested to a have a simple celebration during school recess for her.

Being the big girl she is now, she requested for cupcakes and specific designs! 

Had initially thought of ordering from someone I know but Kaira kept changing her mind about the designs she wanted .... that I thought it might be better if I make them.... plus the cost of ordering is not a small sum! I would have to spend more than $100 just for cupcakes for her class.... and how hard can it be right?!?!?

The trial run went quite smoothly I must say.... After all only Made a few!!

And honestly it was not that difficult to make cos I chose a simple cake recipe and what I thought was a very simple design!!

However, as with all homemade stuff,  it is very very time consuming!!! Just prepping the fondant took me more than 3 hours. But of course I am a first timer at doing this (2nd timer if u consider the trial run! Heehee) and really slow.

The assembling on the morning itself took about 2 hours!! There were moments I wondered if I can make it in time ?!? Of course there are hiccups..... like the circle fondant tops that I prepared turned out too big for the cupcakes I baked! (But during the trial it was perfect! Go figure ;p)  so time is spent trimming the tops etc. ...

Funny how the cupcakes on pictures/blogs all look so nice ... mine ? The cupcake wrapper started to come off after the cupcakes cooled down.... had to make a last minute purchase of cupcake wrappers the night before! Thank God I baked the cupcakes in the afternoon. ... imagine if I baked them at night...... where can I buy cupcake  wrappers at 7 in the morning? Lol.

I guess all these comes with an experience.... and if I do it again, I will be better prepared!

But haha,  unlikely I will do it again for so  many kids.... Small scale parties no problem. ...:)

o well, as long as my daughter's happy! It's worth the effort I suppose ;)

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