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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So frustrated with Asus!!

I am now regretting not sticking with a more established brand when I bought my new laptop earlier this year :(

I thought I should be be open minded and try other brands. .. Instead of my trusted Japanese brands and what a pain it has been.

First time that I bought a laptop (and I have had my fair share of laptops!) that I need to send in for repair....! Aaargh.  Sucks.

Never mind the inconvenience of not having my laptop while it is repaired. ....trying to find out what is the status of the repair is worse!

When I brought it in on monday morning 18 aug, the standard reply was 3 to 5 working days.  OK.  So I wait till Friday and I called. The CSO replied... o they should be contacting me soon... The official start date of repair was 19th Aug. ... status is under repair N estimated is 3 to 5 working days and it's still within their official estimate.  


Weekend came, Monday came and went and no calls from Asus.  

I called on Tuesday. Same standard answer!! I asked for a number to call since call  center is of not much help. Sorry Madam, service centre only outbound calls. I asked CSO to check then on the status. He says he will let service centre know and by end of Tuesday to have an update.  No update.

I called on Wednesday morning. Insisted on speaking to someone with authority who could do something about finding out exactly when I can have my laptop back?  The supervisor actually said... madam I will escalate AGAIN to service centre and get back to you on FRIDAY!?!

I am surprised I did not give the supervisor a big scolding!! I am already creating a ruckus and impressed upon you that it's been too long a wait  .. and u suggest coming back to me on Friday? ??? Told her I want an answer today.

Gave her a piece of my mind. So she said she will get service engineer to call me.  No no no.... don't try to shirk responsibility here... I told her it doesn't matter who calls me.... All I want is a status (1) is my laptop repairable?  (2) how long more r u going to take? (3) why no alternate solution if I have to wait longer the said time frame??

And so i have go wait till end of today for her to come back to me on the status of my laptop repair! 

I have half decided to go buy myself a new laptop this weekend. And no, it will not be ASUS!!! have an awful feeling that even if I get back my laptop... I will continue to face problems with it!!! Aaargh.