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Monday, July 07, 2014

Your Perspective. My Perspective.

Some times i wonder, if it's because of age.  or have i changed?  to be less accomodating? less patient? (ok ok, i know i know, patient is not a word to describe me anyway ! ;p) or simply that i don't wish to perpetuate what i think is not 100% accurate.  even if it's an opinion.

sometimes i wish i can just shrug off comments and let live.  it's their point of view anyway.  why should i bother?  most times i just ignore.  i mean, there's no point trying to make others see another view if they are so entrenched in their own views?  it's so painful and tiring.   and who am i to "impose" my views any way?!? like i have said, everyone has their point of view.  and there are usually 2 sides to the coin.  Why can't people see that?

of course, if it's a friendly discussion between like-minded people, the conversation can be interesting, thought provoking and absolutely rewarding.  i love those conversations. where differences are embraced and opinions shared frankly with no judgements and preconceived notions.  and usually these are the people who make good friends.

some times i wish i can just accept comments at face value and let live.  but some times it's difficult. i need to pray more. seriously.  i think over the years as i drifted away from God, i have become more and more anal.  I need to draw near to God.  To pray and ask for His grace, love and patience to grow in me so that i can have extend more grace, love and patience to others. 

But usually what irritates me are sweeping statements....

anyway, as an example.  Us moving back to singapore end 2011.

To me, there is a season for everything.  A time for every purpose under Heaven.  I embrace the Lord's plans for us and i choose to believe that His plans are the best for us at the point in time.  We can plan and plan but He orders our steps.  And through our lives, He has shown Himself to be faithful and able.  Leading us in His ways, and always providing for us.  Unfortunately, i am not as faithful to Him as He is to me.  Always the delinquent one. Always trying to run away from God.  ;p

I digress.

While i believe that moving back to Singapore is the BEST for us at this point in time, since the Lord has paved the way to bring us back, and i can see many positives with this move, there is also the flip side. the not so good bits about being back in Singapore.

So please spare me comments like "it's good that you all came back.  good for kaira's education!"  or "why did you all move back? singapore school so stressful. better to be overseas"

all i can say is this.  the earth is round. not square.  absolutes can be obsolete.