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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Taiwan trip Jun 2014

About 10 (+/- i cannot really remember ; p) years ago I made my first holiday trip to taipei ... It was a short trip and did nothing to make me like the city/country... hee hee.  All I remembered wad grey skies, rain, drab looking buildings and so-so food.

So for this trip we made in June I had pretty low expectations! Which was good for the trip turned out to be pretty pleasant!

Why plan a trip to Taiwan if I don't like it?  Well I didn't actually  planned it. A friend has made plans and bookings for the trip and she asked if we wanted to join them? So I did!

Here's the itinerary for our recent trip:

day 1: arrive tao yuan airport in the afternoon and took the transport directly to hualien.  We took the van and the journey was about 4+ hours including 1 pit stop.  It was a nice drive through coastal roads... but it meant that for some parts of it kaira experienced a bit of car motion sickness.  But thank God it wax only the last bit of the drive. Pity also theat it was evening we miss some of the scenery.

Day 2, 3 & 4 - we hired a local guide to bring us around hualien.

Day 5 - took the train to Tou Cheng, spent the night at the Top Cheng leisure farm

Day 6 - took train to taipei. Arrived late afternoon

Day 7 n 8 - taipei

Day 9 - took afternoon flight home.

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