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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don't mess around with my beloved country :p

the parliamentary debate is happening this period.  i was just watching some of the exchanges and had some thoughts, and wrote a short note on FB.  thought i'd just copy and paste here for my own record.  this is one rare post of my thoughts on singapore politics ;p
i will be so worried if a party led by Mr Low is in charge of singapore. after listening to some of the debates, i don't sense that he has a vision for singapore. or that his party has a plan in place to offer constructive alternatives. granted he may not be as articulate as PM Lee, but he sounds totally clueless as to what he is saying.
After all the "raah-raah" at the last election and the "high hopes" with Mr Chen joining WP, it's disappointing that they have not engaged the ruling party in a more rigorous way.
As for PM Lee, i totally respect him. And in many of his speeches (not just in parliament), i can feel his passion for the country and the people of this country. His father had a vision for Singapore. I believe he too has a vision.
I remember i didn't like him very much when he was younger. To me, he was arrogant. And similarly, for PAP. Arrogance + Detached from the ground == deadly combination. But i guess over the years and especially since the last wake up call, there has been a change. Sure there are still some questionable characters (;p) and challenges and problems..... but at least I see the government trying to adapt and change. and that is important to me. In the last 2 years since i am back in singapore, i can see the effort by the government to make SIngapore a home for all of us. To help those in need.
Sure, there may be things that i disagree, i believe we can voice out through appropriate channels. and pitch in when we can.
its easy to point out that this and this is no good. it's easy to criticise. and some people may go far simply by talking..... just like in the corporate world ... u know.... those who can BS ... climb far....
but it is far more difficult to be the one on the ground doing the work, thinking of the solutions and alternatives. any help (in the form of opinions, actual involvement) will be appreciated. and i hope as singaporeans we will all see that we have a part in this.

Enough of the pointing fingers and empty talk.

i love my country too much to put it in the hands of a party that doesn't seem to know where it wants to take my country.

Friday, May 23, 2014


it's been such a long time since i last wrote a post that i don't know what to write now! ha! seems like much has happened and i am at a lost where to "reconnect" the dots..... *sigh*

hope to get back to writing, so that years down the road i can read about what happened and remember the good times! :)