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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year.

Sorry i have not blogged for a while!! it has been a very busy time for us since we moved.
Plus Kaira started Primary 1 so there's quite a bit of adjustment for all of us :)
Thank God that she has adjusted well to her new life in primary 1 and after 2 weeks -- is still very chirpy and happy when it comes to school :)  not sure how long this optimism and enthusiasm will last, but i pray that it will be for as long as possible!! ;P
she tells me that her primary school is very fun and that she has made many friends.  She seems to enjoy whatever is happening in class (although she can be vague when i try to probe for more information! but what is important to me is that she is happy. that for now, is more than enough) and even declares that she wants her daughter to go to this same school in future too! kids are very cute.  they speak with such innocence and purity of heart.  Thank God that she has adapted well.
I am also adapting ... to the new mummy friends and also how i can be involved in her class activities (without being too involved!) ;p so far i have been helping out with the CNY decorations for the class.... and in the process got to know quite a number of mummies -- which is so beneficial as there are lots of information that are shared during the times that we gather. 
The teachers (the 2 main ones) have been great so far in settling the girls into the new environment. They communicate often via emails n have sent photos of the girls in action too. Very thoughtful I must say. Kaira seems to like her teachers too... and that's great! Praying that  it continues to be smooth for her throughout her schooling years. :)