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Friday, October 25, 2013

Renovation almost complete!

After almost 5 months... Finally the  renovation is coming to an end ... There is only 1 outstanding item (and as with all ironies... This is something that I tot was straightforward and should not need a lot of attention... And I was wrong! This is the one thing that I had to ask to redo and it is the last item to be completed! Guess what it is??? The door to our bath!! -- Something as basic as a door I really didn't think should cause us any  grief ... But o well!! Instead of thinking about what went wrong with door, i think I should thank God that all the other major items went rather smoothly... So what if there is this 'little' problem with the door? Yes! Thankful that it was a rather smooth process although it did take a little long ;p 

We have moved one batch  of boxes in - mostly kitchen stuff as these were stored unopened in my parents' place! We will have a second move later part of November so that we will be ready to stay in by year end and start the new year there :))

A glimpse of our renovated apartment:
Looking forward to having a place to call our own again! 

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