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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Penang - 4D3N getaway

We went to Penang for a short 4D3N getaway - primarily motivated becos of the tigerair promotion. Air tickets were on promotion and cost us S$350+ for 3 of us all in. Quite cheap I tot so we decided at the last minute to just go!

The last time I was in Penang I was in my teens!!! Yes, that long ago! Haha! So I guess it is about time that I visit it! 

What's good in Penang?? 

Well, food definitely came to mind! And it did not disappoint. The street art by various artists was also very good and made exploring the town more interesting!

The colonial architecture and peranakan culture and history adds colors to the place. 

People go tere for the beach as well.

But other than these 3, I generally find Penang quite boring ;p I don't think I will be visiting any time soon and it doesn't seem like a place that I will want to visit again and again ;p heehee

The highlight of our trip was probably the hotel we stayed in!!! Hahaha. 

Will write more the next time! :)

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