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Monday, September 09, 2013

Pulau Ubin

Guess what.... I don't remember having been to Ubin in my 41 years!! 😝 

This island, which means granite island, is a 10 minute bum boat ride from mainland Singapore and is a rustic place which seems to have stood still in time even as the rest of Singapore progresses. 

But I guess we need a place like this ... To get away and be back to nature. 

 We had a 2 hour guided walk tour of the village -- to expose the kids to kampong aka village life.  Interesting to catch a glimpse of the old world....and a reminder how much of a city gal i am! 😜

O and Thank God for good weather !! was worried it will be wet again today!

Kaira has asked to go back ! So I think I will be visiting it again ..... Heehee

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Driving and Me

-- we don't go together :P  LOLOLOL.

it's been almost a year since i got my driving licence!! and whilst i can say that i am better @ driving now, i still don't like it very much.

in fact, if i have a choice, i avoid driving :D i would rather take a bus/train or taxi!!! they are so much more convenient and less stressful :P hahahahaha ..... i can see some people shaking their heads -_-

actually driving itself is not so bad -- but for me -- there this psychological barrier -- the "thought" of driving -- puts me off!!! don't ask me why.  i always say there is a reason why i didn't learn to drive earlier -- i am just not the driver type ;p

if not for the fact that there is a possibility of moving overseas again and i may need a driving licence especially if we relocate to Europe or US, i seriously wouldn't even consider the idea of learning to drive!

 anyway, i haven't progressed very far in the 1 year since i got my driving licence.  i try to drive at least once a week -- to practice (if you know what i mean.....) so that my licence do not become a white elephant here (in fact, i think in singapore, one doesn't really need to drive.  the public transport network has served me well on MOST occasions and when i am tired or prefer a shorter ride i will take the taxi. while i think the public transport system can be improved, i think it is quite OK .... anyway, i digress.

so i was saying i haven't progressed very far -- that is the truth -- i have become like some that i used "laugh" at -- those who only drive to certain destinations :P  i always wonder why ??? NOW i understand..... LOLOLOLOLOL .... i prefer to drive to destinations that i am familiar with ...the route and parking ..... *tsk tsk* 

what can i do to "improve" and help myself i wonder??????

i wonder if another year helps??? :D