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Monday, July 08, 2013

Renovation Learning - Toilet Bowls

I am such an ignoramus -- i didn't even realise there are 2 different types of toilet bowls.  I must have been walking around with my eyes closed.

1 - the wall-hung (in other words suspended) kind  -- typically used in hotels, malls and other establishments
2 - the floor connected type - the kind that i have been using since i was young -_-

only when my fren mentioned about the difference............ i had an epiphany!!! LOLOLOLOL. toilet bowls are toilet bowls you know -- i just use them i don't scrutinise them ....

so it opened my eyes and i began to notice the different toilet bowls wherever i went :D

if like me you are walking around your eyes closed -- please encourage me by sharing your moment of epiphany! hehehehe.

just for fun, here's a picture of the wall hung bowl. 

this toilet bowl picture i got from

and here is a picture of a typical toilet bowl we often see :
Bathroom Toilets, Petitell Round Front Toilet Bowl / Tank - White

i got this picture from :

The things we learn every day!!! Even if its as mundane as about toilet bowls!!!!

 Choosing toilet bowls was really not easy. i had initially thought that it was about which brand.  then i realise i had to decide which type first! before the brand -_-

in the end, we got our thrones from Ideal Bathroom  - they were having a sale for selected toilet seats. i had initially chosen TOTO ones but they were more expensive so i settled for Ideal. Keeping fingers crossed!!

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