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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Just got my FIRST photobook and i am so pleased with it!!! (despite the not so cheap price ;p)

i have thought of compiling a photobook before but for some reason or other, i never got down to doing it .... and since i have time on my hands now - i revisited the idea a few weeks back and i am very happy that i went ahead with it :)

whilst i know i wanted a photobook, i wasn't sure which service provider to turn to.  a search on the internet turned up a few names and i tried to find feedback/reviews on these. 

i narrowed it down to 2 : just1book and .... but in the end, i did my first photobook with p;log!! which wasn't even in my shortlist in the first place. why?  all because they had a coupon in the NDP 2013 coupon booklet.  i was flipping through the booklet and saw the $20 coupon so decided that OK, p;log shall be it!!

Geeee, all the research beforehand for nothing?!?! LOLOL.

anywayz, i placed my order last friday and the book was delivered to me on Tuesday! and i am very pleased with it!! i am now inspired to compile more photobooks .... heehee.

and because this experience has been very smooth and painless, i am thinking of trying out another service provider! i shall let u know how that turns out when i am done with that!!

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