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Monday, July 01, 2013

honestly ..... not very clever...

sometimes i wish i am not so transparent/real/honest - whatever term that one may like to use. 

i do think i have quite a high level of self awareness - but it ends there. i don't "tamper" with what i know. the brighter/more streetsmart folks will probably "adjust" their behaviour -- for a "more positive" outcome.

I am, unfortunately, an extremely open book.  one key reason i will not go far in the corporate world.

when someone says something that is superfluous, unconstructive, "empty" -- my "displeasure" shows -- it is written all over my face and my eyes especially!!! i can't stop them from rolling!! LOLOLOLOLOL/

corporate world aside -- even in my personal world - i can be too honest.

i know i should just nod my head, smile, make some equally superfluous comment when someone says something that i would like to roll my eyes at.  but i can't bring myself to do it.  i am so irritated by myself at times.  i have told myself to try harder. and i will!! i must practice not to be so literal and real. seriously. being a hypocrite sometimes goes a long way to keeping peace!!!

1 comment:

Lilly said...

No offense, my mother told my daughter off for rolling her eyes.
She said it is very rude. Especially if it becomes a habit, one will roll one's eyes at a senior : parent, grandparent, teachers, employers, gov officers, etc.