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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Just got my FIRST photobook and i am so pleased with it!!! (despite the not so cheap price ;p)

i have thought of compiling a photobook before but for some reason or other, i never got down to doing it .... and since i have time on my hands now - i revisited the idea a few weeks back and i am very happy that i went ahead with it :)

whilst i know i wanted a photobook, i wasn't sure which service provider to turn to.  a search on the internet turned up a few names and i tried to find feedback/reviews on these. 

i narrowed it down to 2 : just1book and .... but in the end, i did my first photobook with p;log!! which wasn't even in my shortlist in the first place. why?  all because they had a coupon in the NDP 2013 coupon booklet.  i was flipping through the booklet and saw the $20 coupon so decided that OK, p;log shall be it!!

Geeee, all the research beforehand for nothing?!?! LOLOL.

anywayz, i placed my order last friday and the book was delivered to me on Tuesday! and i am very pleased with it!! i am now inspired to compile more photobooks .... heehee.

and because this experience has been very smooth and painless, i am thinking of trying out another service provider! i shall let u know how that turns out when i am done with that!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thank God for Clear Blue Skies!

Beautiful Singapore

And haze free air :)

Really must learn to count our blessings.  And with the recent haze experience, its makes me treasure clear blue skies and haze free air even more!!!

If you have not been to singapore, come visit this Garden City soon :))  If you had visited before, come again soon too!! :))

Monday, July 08, 2013

Renovation Learning - Toilet Bowls

I am such an ignoramus -- i didn't even realise there are 2 different types of toilet bowls.  I must have been walking around with my eyes closed.

1 - the wall-hung (in other words suspended) kind  -- typically used in hotels, malls and other establishments
2 - the floor connected type - the kind that i have been using since i was young -_-

only when my fren mentioned about the difference............ i had an epiphany!!! LOLOLOLOL. toilet bowls are toilet bowls you know -- i just use them i don't scrutinise them ....

so it opened my eyes and i began to notice the different toilet bowls wherever i went :D

if like me you are walking around your eyes closed -- please encourage me by sharing your moment of epiphany! hehehehe.

just for fun, here's a picture of the wall hung bowl. 

this toilet bowl picture i got from

and here is a picture of a typical toilet bowl we often see :
Bathroom Toilets, Petitell Round Front Toilet Bowl / Tank - White

i got this picture from :

The things we learn every day!!! Even if its as mundane as about toilet bowls!!!!

 Choosing toilet bowls was really not easy. i had initially thought that it was about which brand.  then i realise i had to decide which type first! before the brand -_-

in the end, we got our thrones from Ideal Bathroom  - they were having a sale for selected toilet seats. i had initially chosen TOTO ones but they were more expensive so i settled for Ideal. Keeping fingers crossed!!

Monday, July 01, 2013

honestly ..... not very clever...

sometimes i wish i am not so transparent/real/honest - whatever term that one may like to use. 

i do think i have quite a high level of self awareness - but it ends there. i don't "tamper" with what i know. the brighter/more streetsmart folks will probably "adjust" their behaviour -- for a "more positive" outcome.

I am, unfortunately, an extremely open book.  one key reason i will not go far in the corporate world.

when someone says something that is superfluous, unconstructive, "empty" -- my "displeasure" shows -- it is written all over my face and my eyes especially!!! i can't stop them from rolling!! LOLOLOLOLOL/

corporate world aside -- even in my personal world - i can be too honest.

i know i should just nod my head, smile, make some equally superfluous comment when someone says something that i would like to roll my eyes at.  but i can't bring myself to do it.  i am so irritated by myself at times.  i have told myself to try harder. and i will!! i must practice not to be so literal and real. seriously. being a hypocrite sometimes goes a long way to keeping peace!!!