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Friday, June 07, 2013

WIP - our renovation journey

We bought our place in early 2012  (around 15-year old), a few months after we returned to SG. We bought it with tenancy and when the tenant moved out in Dec, our intention was to start renovation then.  That was when i started asking around for renovation contractor contacts.

However, we had a friend who needed to a place for short-term stay, so we delayed our plans.... but finally, we are starting on this exciting journey (although with much trepidation! since we have heard alot about renovation woes).

Pray that it will be as smooth as it can be! with minimal hiccups!!

to help us in this journey, i have set up the following :
1) renovation budget worksheet
2) renovation worklist
3) photo record -
4) pinterest board - for ideas 

hope things will proceed as planned and that i will not overlook anything!!

Will probably blog a few posts about some of the stuff i have learnt in this journey! e.g. toilet bowls!!! hahahaha.  anyway, this is my FIRST time renovating a place -- so alot to learn!!


Lilly said...

hello, my family has moved house quite a number of times, to profit from the market demands for D9,10 and 11.
my personal experience is Ikea has pretty good kitchen system.
their hinges give you the "soft close" effect , does not bang loud.
if you go to ah beng reno companies, they will tell you to pay premium for this technology brought by Blume. If you go upmarket reno co, they also charge you high price. Ikea's system is "in-house" so the price is affordable.

Also, over the years, I have used Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi and LG aircon. I must say that LG is very good for my family. Their air con has an auto clean function, every few weeks, you can click on it and it auto cleans that same day when you switch off your use.

Ms Long said...

thanks Lilly for your sharing! :)