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Friday, May 03, 2013


This central Vietnam trip has been so enjoyable that it has gotten me and hubby quite excited about travelling in the region!

For some reason there was initially reservations and I wasn't very motivated to even plan for our holidays.

But now!! Haha we were discussing about the possibility of visiting siem reap with kaira. And juz last night the possibility of Chiang Mai came up as his colleague is moving back home. And when I did some research online Chiang mai seems like such a lovely destination I can't wait to visit it! Haha!

But it will have to wait as our next family hotel is scheduled for August when we will join our friends in club med Bali. I m looking forward to that!! Almost 20yrs ago was my last visit to club med Bali and with the same fren. :)) this time our daughters can have a blast together! Can't wait for August to come! In the meantime I will be being kaira to Bkk for a short trip to visit my brother while hubby is away on biz trip.

This year is turning out to be an exciting year for travelling! :))

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