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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Central Vietnam - our 6D5N itinerary

While there are direct flights between Da Nang and Singapore, they are not daily and some flights have a stopover in siem reap.

I wasn't keen on a stopover and wanted direct flights. Initially I wanted to be in Danang for 4 days, max 5 but because of the flight schedule, I ended up having to spend to stay for 5 nights. I was initially concern that it will be abit too long a trip but It turned really great!!

Day 1 - We arrived in the resort 4+ in the afternoon and after checking in etc, we were at the beach by 5pm. We decided to stay in and explored the resort and having dinner in one of the hotel restaurants by the beach

Day 2 - we took the hotel shuttle bus to Hoi An at 10am and returned to the resort ard 330pm, leaving Kaira enough time to go to the beach and pool before we headed into

Day 3 - we booked a private day tour with the hotel to My Son which included Hoi An too. Leaving at 8 am we got back ard 4pm. Again a visit to the pool is a must for Kaira.

Day 4 - we left hotel at 8am for Hue and didn't return till bt 7pm. Long long day.

Day 5 - we were glad to just relax by the pool. Kaira went to camp Hyatt for half a day and after time in the pool we got ready to go to Hoi An at 5pm for our dinner. Took the hotel shuttle there and cabbed back.

Day 6 - as our flight was in the evening we had or rather I had ambitious plans to visit the Cham museum marble mountain in the am or early afternoon. However we decided not to be so hurried and instead spent the day flyin life, enjoying the beach and pool before we leaving at 4pm. Felt totally rested after 2 relaxing days and I am glad we had these 2 days to recover after 2 rather long days of moving about.

Actually there is more to do and see but we decided we will 'keep' them for the next trip ;) heehee. Yes it is likely that we will be back to Central Vietnam, hopefully not too long from now!

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