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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Central Vietnam - My Son

I was initially undecided whether I want to visit My Son as i have read that it is not as 'magnificent' as Angkor Wat as most of it were destroyed. But it is actually older than Angkor Wat and I figured it will not be so soon that I can visit Angkor Wat (after this trip, maybe that's no longer true as I am very encouraged by this trip and am keen to explore visiting it next year :p) -- so might as well visit it and see if kaira likes it.

As we didn't want to wake up too early (taking into consideration Kaira's need to have enough sleep) we set off at 8 am - personally if u can make it earlier, that will be better cos it's really very very hot with very little shade.

It was nevertheless an enjoyable outing and with the guide, provided us with greater understanding of Vietnam's history.

No regrets taking the day trip :)) despite having to bear with the glaring sun and heat. Remember to bring insect mosquito, hat, sunglasses and sunblock!!

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