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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Central Vietnam - Hoi An

We visited Hoi An a total of 3 times this trip - so you can imagine that it must be quite a nice place :) plus as its convenient and near to get here from our resort, we visit here for our meals too (in addition to da nang city).

While I don't deny that it's quaint and well preserved and very easy for tourists, somehow by the third visit I felt that it's a little too touristy - maybe I didn't go beyond the main town area which is full of shops selling souvenirs or fabric and tailors.

In fact We did most of our shopping here, buying paintings, pouches, fans, tableware and what nots :p whilst I read somewhere that there isn't much room to 'haggle' on the prices - I felt that shops near the 'Viet Town Garden and Restaurant' (where most of the resort bus shuttles stop) have more room for negotiation - so do some homework before parting with your hard earned $$! :)

Enjoy Hoi An!

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