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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We were in Bangkok last week.  Seems like a long time ago that I last visited BKK! Think it was in 2005/2006 for biz. I remember in the mid 90s till early 2000s w hubbie and I liked to visit bangkok.  It was cheaper than Singapore - so eating and shopping was a pleasure! Haha.  But after some time, prices became to creep up and it was not as 'value for money' a destination for us any more . Heehee.

Anyway, I made a rather last minute decision to bring Kaira to BKK to visit my brother and family.  So it was a short trip and coincided with hubbie's biz trip to US - so it was a mum and daughter bonding trip :)) my first time going on a holiday with Kaira without papa! I wasn't so worried about being able to cope more that I may not be used to not having hubbie around during a holiday! Heehee.

True enough, I missed him when  I am packing the luggage and when I was shopping alone!!! LOL.

Kaira had a great time with her cousin and I can see that she was truly enjoying herself and she was happy staying home to play with Samuel. 

While Bangkok has changed quite a bit since I was last there, yet some areas have not changed - one example being the taxis. I absolutely dislike having to check if they would take a metered fare and it gets frustrating that there are many taxis around yet we can't get one.  Plus the traffic jams are terrible!n That's why i try to always take the bts trains ...... However sometimes one cannot help it. Wish this will improve .... O well, juz glad that we are but temporary visitors :) and the train.... If one thinks the Singapore mrt is crowded during peak hour, one hasn't seen the Bangkok trains during peak hours! Granted the population is bigger but whatever it is the crowds are overwhelming..... Can faint! 

Whatever, as long as my brother and family are there, I suppose we will be visiting again some time in the future!

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