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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why choose Central Vietnam as a holiday destination with a child?

To be honest Vietnam wasn't on my list of 'preferred' destination for a holiday. As Kaira loves the beach, I was looking for a beach resort and had wanted a 'tried n tested' destination as I wanted it to be a stress free holiday for everyone!! I didn't want to worry about whether there is suitable food for her; whether she will be bored ( and therefore whiny) etc etc

So initially I was considering either Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia) or Hua Hin (Thailand). But along the way I heard a couple of good reviews about Da Nang in Vietnam and out of curiosity googled for more information.

The information found on the web was quite promising and the surrounding areas sounded interesting too! I could use Da Nang as a base and have day trips to Hoi An and Hue. This would be interesting for us adults as we have never toured Vietnam before (although hubby has been to hcmc for biz previously) :) it meant too that we need not change hotels, making it more hassle free for us. Remember I wanted a stress free holiday!??! Heehee! So all in it was a very tempting option!

But!! I was still worried whether it will be child friendly and whether Kaira will take well to the place/food. So I did quite a bit of reading on trip advisor and other online resource. And was very encouraged that accomodation prices seemed fairly reasonable (certainly not cheap but not too pricey either) even for so called 'luxury resorts' - now I was ready to be tempted by Da Nang! Haha!

And I am very happy with my decision to visit Da Nang and the choice of Hyatt Regency as our accomodation. This was one of the more relaxing holidays we have ever had (although the day trips can be tiring) but the resort was such a restful place that we were recharged and energised each time we get back!

Here's why
1) the resort had a private beach ( actually all the resorts on this stretch has that) and the expansive fine sandy beach was very inviting and hardly crowded. It was connected to the kids pool area by a few steps making it very convenient and seamless!

2) the resort is quite big and there are at least 3 pools so it was fun exploring the place although Kaira's clear favourite was the children's pool which was also a sand pool making it doubly fun for the kids,

3) Hyatt is a family resort so expect lots of kids and that makes it fun for Kaira as she has company!

4) I chose the club room and on hindsight it was worth every additional $ tat I paid! As there isn't any amenities nearby/outside the resort - this meant that we had to take a cab to the city for our meals. So for water/snacks, best to stock up on some especially for kids. with the club lounge access it took away some of the 'stress' cos on top of the complimentary breakfast there was complimentary drinks (with chips/cake) throughout the day and evening cocktails too. So on days when we had a full lunch we just had the evenings snacks dinner :)) in fact Kaira was very happy with the evening cocktail time as she could nibble away and there was a wide selection which changes daily. That way too, I don't feel like I m hostage to te high restaurant prices! Having said that, I must say the food in the hotel restaurants were excellent! I think we tried all the 3 main restaurants!

In conclusion , I would recommend Da Nang for a family holiday! Really nice and relaxing although it can get very hot sometimes but o well, we can't have it all can we? ;)

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