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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Y do I torture myself??

I wonder when I will ever feel at 'ease' driving and also driving solo!?!??

I have driven solo a few times since dad got an auto car a few weeks ago. If it was still the old manual car I don't think I would even entertain the thot of driving solo!! Haha !! That's how I dread Driving solo.

But I get really stressed by the driving ... Especially in the expressway ... My palms get sweaty!!!! I honestly hardly ever feel so stressed.

I try to practice by driving the routes with hubbie before I go alone ... Including parking etc ... But like today ... There was an unexpected happening - te car park was closed for some reason and u had to find alternative..... Stress level notched up again!!! Aiyo seriously .... Y did I bother learning to drive?? Heehee.

But knowing myself - I will not 'avoid' driving juz becos I dun like it ... In fact I will most probably 'force' myself to practice more and push myself to do it. Sadist or what ??!??!! Haizzz.

Thank God everything went smoothly today!! Hope it gets better soon....

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