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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Night safari

Decided to bring kaira to the night safari in Sunday evening.

Have been procrastinating as I m always concern that it will be too late for her as she sleeps ard 9+pm daily or even earlier... And the main problem with her is that she still gets cranky when she is tired n sleepy... Plus after a night out at the night safari sure have to bathe and what have u after we get home.... Which means a greater challenge!!!

Well, she did enjoy the safari but as expected it was a difficult end to the night... Despite her taking a short afternoon nap and lots of prep abt late nite through the day.

Wellz .... She has to learn I suppose....

It was a nice evening... But very crowded!! Good thing though majority of the crowd seemed happy to go around on the tram... Leaving a very small population including us who were walking the trails...... At times it seemed we were the only ones walking!! Quite amazing considering it was very crowded. And if we didn't walk would have missed out a fair bit ... Hehehe

No pictures as it was nite ;p

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