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Friday, November 16, 2012

More than a year has passed.........

since we came back to singapore. and although lots of things have happened, one of the more significant milestones would be kaira attending Kindergarten Year 1 back in Singapore.

From the initial resistant, crying kaira who loathes the idea of doing work to the Kaira who now loves going to class and doing the worksheets (yes, she apparently asks the teacher for worksheets to do), it has been a long road to happiness!!!

But thank God for his grace and love, that she has adapted very well and she loves her teachers to bits, not to mention her friends.

This week kind of bring to a  closure this eventful year (although she's not on holiday yet) -- as there was the parent-teacher session and the school year end concert.  And even as i watched her performed on stage, i am so glad to see a happy and well adjusted child. who enjoys her school activities tremendously and looks forward to going to school to meet her teachers and frens..

The year end concert was her first on-stage experience and she was extremely excited and looking forward to it!!   She was very serious about her dance steps and was always practicing the moves!i love it when she's serious about something -- feels like she is all grown up. :))

may next year be as good as this year, if not better! after which, primary 1  is a different ball game altogether ;p

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