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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jurong bird park

What an eventful few days.... Sunday was night safari and Tuesday being a public holiday we brought kaira to the bird park.

Thanks to hubbie's good idea of buying a 2park entrance ticket!!

I have not been to the bird park for years n it is kaira's first.... And it was a pleasant surprise.... I liked it quite abit... For a few reasons:

1. It's smaller than the zoo so the pace can be more leisurely and yet one covers almost the entire park. Not so tiring - unlike the zoo ... I always feel so tired after a day out at the zoo..... ;p heehee.

2. There's less crowded and more places to sit and rest. Again, it feels more leisurely which I prefer.

3. I love the Lory feeding aviary. Much more than any other animal feeding! Heehee.

It was a nice outing :)) hope to be back soon!!

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