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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Singapore - the land of enrichment classes....

Finally, I succumbed and enrolled Kaira in additional classes upon her request.

1. Music lesson
She has on and off said to me that she wishes to have piano classes, violin classes what have u. I wasn't keen in the past to put her in any as I tot she is a little young and personally I hated my Piano lessons when I was learning as a child.

But since she seemed to enjoy whatever elementary music lessons in school, I decided to sign her up for a trial 10 lesson of 2 instruments. Let's c how things goes.

Also I am reminding myself that the key is for her to enjoy the process and have fun. Not so much to do well. Maybe that will help. Some things, my belief is if u don't have the aptitude, seriously no point trying too hard. Waste of time! ;)

2. Art class
As u can tell from some of my postings, Kaira loves art n craft. She is always bugging me to do stuff with her and paint and draw and what have you.

I had not intended to send her to class cos I reckon hubbie can 'nurture' her since he's quite gd at drawing and stuff. N me?? I help by spending the money to buy art n craft kits for her... :D

But something my fren said prompted me to reconsider. Abt techniques n different mediums. My fren the more arty one ;p

So I decided the google for art classes.

Honestly the myriad of classes available is mind boggling!!!

After reading abt a few, I was ready to settle for one nearest to us for convenience sake.

But one caught my eye as they apparently organise outings to museums for the students n they were originally situated at one of the museums.

So decided to bring Kaira for a trial.

It was a fairly chaotic place i must say. Guess it reflects the 'artistic' nature ;) but I liked what I saw n the philosophy of the owner. Training the kids to he independent thinkers as they select materials for the art n craft n research n make their own decisions. teaching them techniques n the correlation ; enjoying the process rather than focusing on the end results. Think my daughter needs a dose of that. She is too intense some times.

The rather unfinished art work n unstructured art forms may seem unprofessional to some but I liked the idea. To encourage my child to explore n c arts as a way of expression.

Kaira enjoyed the trial very much. So yes, signed her up for a term till year end.... Let's c how things go!

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