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Sunday, October 21, 2012

One major change as a result of close to 4 years in NDL

Haha, yes! Cheese!!

I have never liked cheese. I don't mind the ocassional American styled cheese found in burgers but have 0 appreciation for cheese in general ;p

But u know Netherlands is the land of cheese and I have to admit I find some cheeses quite nice now ;) heehee

In fact I sometimes miss the variety of cheap and yummy Dutch cheese!! Haha!

Although I still don't like the very strong cheese very much ;)

And one combination I particularly liked is strawberry jam + cheese! I discovered bt accident on one of our road trips .... Heeheee...Very nice. A bit like cranberry jelly with cheese :)

Had a quiet birthday celebration with one of my best childhood frens and this was what we ordered .... Happy birthday my dear dear fren!!

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