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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Kaira @ art class

She's really enjoying it I think. Although mebbe too early to conclude since it's only her 2nd lesson.

Hope the exposure will be gd for and develop her desire to explore n try.

Not sure how useful art classes will be for I think the art class I attended did nothing for me ;p heehee. But as long as she enjoys it n we can afford it, she can have her fun :))

Plus I suppose the art classes today r very different fr the ones we attend as a child. For a start, she's not expected to bring with her the drawing block ;p u know Those think paper we draw on.... Heehee. It didn't occur to me until mother in law took out a bag n asked me if I thot it's big enough to contain the drawing block?? N whether I want it?? I was taken aback, what drawing block ??? Then I realise ! O those blocks of drawing paper!! She must be puzzled when I tell her kaira doesn't the drawing paper for her art class.... What kind of class is this?? ;)

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