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Friday, September 07, 2012

Sentosa Island again

Today is a school holiday for kaira. Teacher's day off. Took the day off to spend time with her as I think my parents won't be able to take her being home the whole day!! She will end watching lots of tv I think! Heehee.

What a long day it has been.... Even though it's only 5pm as I type this.

Kaira had a play date in the morning with our neighbour a six year old gal. They hv been playing regularly at the playground this few months. Unfortunately a while into the date kaira threw a mega tantrum. Seems like she has become a rather sore loser n does not want to follow rules when playing games. Had to deal with her and it sapped a lot of my energy!! She used to be more easy going at play but noticeable in the past year she has displayed a very competitive spirit... Overly so I think... Another area that I need to help her overcome and manage. *sigh* not sure is this a phase??? Or becos she has less playmates now.... :(

After the morning playdate we went to united square to catch the Alice in wonderland show at 1pm. Followed by lunch.

Then we were off to Sentosa!! This time took the cable car. Since hubby is not in town i decided to take the cable car as it will be cheaper mAh! Hehehe jus pay for 2 of us ;) instead of 3!! Haha.

And now we r at the beach and as I was typing this at 445pm... I feel like its has been a looooong day!!

Our outing to Sentosa was cut short the rain came at 530pm or so. I didn't want to be stuck outside with no cab and a tired little gal so we hopped on the first cab we saw and made our way for dinner before heading home.

And as I continue this post, its now 9pm. Kaira is already asleep as she is very tired and me too!!! Exhausted man!!

Wish hubbie was here! Look forward to his return tomorrow!!

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