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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kite Festival 2012

It's happening this weekend 8 n 9 sep. I've not flown a kite in YEARS n kaira has never done it as well.

So we decided to skip swim class today to bring her there.... Look see look see.

It was in my opinion a well organised event. Love the live music that we can enjoy n it was all very soothing n family friendly.

I think there were lessons on kite making as well ( although wd didn't know where it was held... Signage could be better) n performances by pro kite-tists. How to spell ??? I dunno.

Only thing is, n I suppose that's the common trend in sg in everything, is that it was quite crowded.... Could not really find the space the fly the kite.

The thing abt being at the event is the festivity mood!! Quite nice ... Although I spent most of my time queuing for balloon for kaira!!! (-_-)

Kite flying isn't that easy n kaira discovered it for herself. After he failed initial few tries she was ready to brawl n throw tantrums... N tears were flowing... She really has an issue with 'failures' ... Everything she does she expects success n praises!!! Again, this was an opportunity to teach her abt enjoying the process... Not just the end. I m so worried for her sometimes.... This personality of hers is a double edged sword. Good to be striving n competitive ... But she must really learn to manage her emotions, expectations etc. Otherwise so many things in life can disappoint... U know what I mean ? But of course I hope things will be smooth for her n she can overcome whatever challenges n enjoy success in all that she undertakes. But how likely is that??!?? Haha!!

I reminded of an incident when I was younger....mebbe one can say that she is very much like me... Heehee... So I hope that like me she learns to manage herself ;)

When I was in primary school I was doing quite well academically. I always thought of myself as smart/clever.

I managed to gain entry into an elite secondary girls school. During my time, the school to be in for girls I suppose!! After a few weeks or months, the realisation that sh*** there are hundreds of gals who were so much smarter dawn upon me.... It was then I decided in my heart/mind... Ok no need to study so hard Liao... I will never be top!! Just study to pass n in the meantime enjoy all the extra curricular activities n what have u!! Haha... Life became less stressful immediately ;)

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