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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Nerve wrecking day.... Waiting for my driving test and m so so so relieved that I passed!!!!

Got 8 demerit points but most importantly I passed!!! Yay yay yay!

Now waiting to get my licence.

A burden off me finally!

Spent abt S$2+k..... For 33 lessons.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exploring Changi

Cannot remember the last time I was at changi ;p

On Saturday, since her swimming coach was on leave, decided to bring kaira to explore changi.

First stop was a place called 'the coastal settlement' - which I saw on a tv show. It's a nice place to chill.... Quite laid back :) but very far ;p and in my opinion a little over priced for the standard of food served there.

Will I visit it again? Maybe.

Next stop, changi beach. Idyllic. But lots of construction work going on now so maybe better to visit after all the upgrading work is done.

This period, kaira is 'beach crazy' so she was thrilled that it was a beach outing again!! Very easy to please at times! ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Neighbourhood Hari Raya Celebration

Brought kaira to participate in the RC (residents committee) Hari Raya celebration.

She was a lot more participative (vs during the christmas celebration) and participated in every game.

Becos of her, both me n hubbie ended up participating in the games as well as she kept 'volunteering' us !!!

However the turnout was quite small n we waited some 45 mins before the 'party' started. Must feedback to the committee... Ticket stated 6pm but program started at 7pm!! Not good for people like us who keep to the time stated.

Whatever it is, kaira enjoyed herself!! Just that she was disappointed that she didn't win anything in the lucky draw! Lol! The winning desire is very strong! ;)

Next up the mid autumn celebrations... Looking forward to it!!

Mid-Autumn's festival, Chinatown Singapore

It's coming soon 中秋节 or mid Autumn festival, so we decided to bring kaira to Chinatown on Friday evening to check it out.

Always end up buying stuff when we go out ;p shall post what I bought the next time!! Heehee.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I like this Fabric very much!!

This is a close-up of the fabric of the Malay dress that I bought Kaira (see here)

really like the detailing and especially the color of the skirt. :) 

just something trivial to share!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kite flying again!!!

As yesterday's kite flying session wasn't much of a success, we decided to give it a try again today!!

Couldn't decide where to go so we thought to try near the Singapore flyer. It was a good spot I must say -- the kite flying went very smoothly n kaira was very excited!!!

Unfortunately joy was short lives as the security guard decided that our kite flying may 'interfere' with the flyer's operation!??! Lol.

Wellz, guess we have to go to other locations for this activity in future! East coast park or something ;)

Kite Festival 2012

It's happening this weekend 8 n 9 sep. I've not flown a kite in YEARS n kaira has never done it as well.

So we decided to skip swim class today to bring her there.... Look see look see.

It was in my opinion a well organised event. Love the live music that we can enjoy n it was all very soothing n family friendly.

I think there were lessons on kite making as well ( although wd didn't know where it was held... Signage could be better) n performances by pro kite-tists. How to spell ??? I dunno.

Only thing is, n I suppose that's the common trend in sg in everything, is that it was quite crowded.... Could not really find the space the fly the kite.

The thing abt being at the event is the festivity mood!! Quite nice ... Although I spent most of my time queuing for balloon for kaira!!! (-_-)

Kite flying isn't that easy n kaira discovered it for herself. After he failed initial few tries she was ready to brawl n throw tantrums... N tears were flowing... She really has an issue with 'failures' ... Everything she does she expects success n praises!!! Again, this was an opportunity to teach her abt enjoying the process... Not just the end. I m so worried for her sometimes.... This personality of hers is a double edged sword. Good to be striving n competitive ... But she must really learn to manage her emotions, expectations etc. Otherwise so many things in life can disappoint... U know what I mean ? But of course I hope things will be smooth for her n she can overcome whatever challenges n enjoy success in all that she undertakes. But how likely is that??!?? Haha!!

I reminded of an incident when I was younger....mebbe one can say that she is very much like me... Heehee... So I hope that like me she learns to manage herself ;)

When I was in primary school I was doing quite well academically. I always thought of myself as smart/clever.

I managed to gain entry into an elite secondary girls school. During my time, the school to be in for girls I suppose!! After a few weeks or months, the realisation that sh*** there are hundreds of gals who were so much smarter dawn upon me.... It was then I decided in my heart/mind... Ok no need to study so hard Liao... I will never be top!! Just study to pass n in the meantime enjoy all the extra curricular activities n what have u!! Haha... Life became less stressful immediately ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Foundation years are vital

One thing that has always bugged me when we were away in Netherlands and Kaira was young was my 'fear' that she grows up identifying more with being Dutch than Singaporean. Of course at home we can try to inculcate certain values but nothing beats being immersed in the culture and experiencing it for oneself.

And personally I think the foundation years are important between 3 to 6 years old when they are not just learning and absorbing but also forming their thoughts and applying their understanding.

Her identity as a Singaporean has strengthen significantly since we came back..... :)

Friday, September 07, 2012

Sentosa Island again

Today is a school holiday for kaira. Teacher's day off. Took the day off to spend time with her as I think my parents won't be able to take her being home the whole day!! She will end watching lots of tv I think! Heehee.

What a long day it has been.... Even though it's only 5pm as I type this.

Kaira had a play date in the morning with our neighbour a six year old gal. They hv been playing regularly at the playground this few months. Unfortunately a while into the date kaira threw a mega tantrum. Seems like she has become a rather sore loser n does not want to follow rules when playing games. Had to deal with her and it sapped a lot of my energy!! She used to be more easy going at play but noticeable in the past year she has displayed a very competitive spirit... Overly so I think... Another area that I need to help her overcome and manage. *sigh* not sure is this a phase??? Or becos she has less playmates now.... :(

After the morning playdate we went to united square to catch the Alice in wonderland show at 1pm. Followed by lunch.

Then we were off to Sentosa!! This time took the cable car. Since hubby is not in town i decided to take the cable car as it will be cheaper mAh! Hehehe jus pay for 2 of us ;) instead of 3!! Haha.

And now we r at the beach and as I was typing this at 445pm... I feel like its has been a looooong day!!

Our outing to Sentosa was cut short the rain came at 530pm or so. I didn't want to be stuck outside with no cab and a tired little gal so we hopped on the first cab we saw and made our way for dinner before heading home.

And as I continue this post, its now 9pm. Kaira is already asleep as she is very tired and me too!!! Exhausted man!!

Wish hubbie was here! Look forward to his return tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Indoctrination starts young ;)

The kindergarten did a good job!! A month after national day kaira is still singing the national day theme songs n with gusto!!

And today I found this picture.... Obviously still in a national day mood!!

How 'patriotric' ;)