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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Visit to geylang serai - pasar malam (bazaar) n light up

Since Thursday is a public holiday, I was wondering what we can do with kaira on Wednesday night. Honestly, we hardly go out at night with kaira.... Except the occasional movie or dinner with frens/family. She is mostly in bed by 9pm even on weekends.

Since Hari raya is coming n she had Malay classmates, thot it may be a gd idea to bring her up visit the Malay village or something. Expose her to different cultural elements ....

After dinner, we drove to paya lebar mrt and was greeted by bright lights and a huge huge pasar malam!!

Kaira was quite excited n was keen to explore. We started walking at around 815pm and ended slightly after 10pm. Considering that she walked the whole time, it was a feat!! Haha.

We bought her a very nice baju ( Malay for dress) n hope she will get to wear it soon :)

She volunteered for henna hand painting n sat patiently to have both hands painted. She ate ice cream fr the ice cream uncle ( but she didn't like it very much ) .... And marvelled at the carpets, lights n snacks sold.

We spent all our time at the pasar malam n didn't make it to the Malay village ;) guess tats what Singaporean DNA is... Shopping takes priority any time!!! Lolol!!

I m ashamed to say also that this is my FIRST visit to the Hari raya light up n market!!!! *tsk tsk* we will try to visit again in future!!

Majulah singapura!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your entry via a Google search.
Is the pasar malam just next to the MRT? Are there alot of makan shops?
I am thinking maybe can park at Singpost building
Thank you


Ms Long said...

Hi Lilly, the pasar malam is huge! on both sides of the road. lots of snack stalls definitely.

you can walk from paya lebar mrt... probably around 5-10 mins. just walk along the main road.


Ms Long said...

ooops, i mean enjoy Lilly! :)