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Monday, August 27, 2012

Night Lights 2012 - part 2

This reminded me of GLOW Eindhoven.

So I was quite enthusiastic to have a look even though by the time we were ready to set off on Friday night it was way past my bedtime!!

This is one instance when I think early nightfall is not that a bad after all ! ;) haha.

I have no idea when this night lights festival started but it must be not too long ago as they can certainly do with improvements! And quite fundamental ones ;)

Most lacking is the signage. Although there are signages indicating the route, these need to be improved and more prominent.

Wish also there's more to see along the way altho It was great that the participating museums offered free entry! With more to c along the Wat, the venues will 'feel' more connected, rather than how disjointed it feels now.

Even tho it's till 2am, noticed that some stuff was already closed before that. Or maybe they looked closed? That we did not bother to check it out.

There were lots of young people at this event. Such a good thing!

And how does it compare to GLOW Einhoven? At this moment, GLOW offers more and is more well organised. Looking forward to improvements to the Singapore night lights!!

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