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Monday, August 27, 2012

Night Lights 2012 - part 2

This reminded me of GLOW Eindhoven.

So I was quite enthusiastic to have a look even though by the time we were ready to set off on Friday night it was way past my bedtime!!

This is one instance when I think early nightfall is not that a bad after all ! ;) haha.

I have no idea when this night lights festival started but it must be not too long ago as they can certainly do with improvements! And quite fundamental ones ;)

Most lacking is the signage. Although there are signages indicating the route, these need to be improved and more prominent.

Wish also there's more to see along the way altho It was great that the participating museums offered free entry! With more to c along the Wat, the venues will 'feel' more connected, rather than how disjointed it feels now.

Even tho it's till 2am, noticed that some stuff was already closed before that. Or maybe they looked closed? That we did not bother to check it out.

There were lots of young people at this event. Such a good thing!

And how does it compare to GLOW Einhoven? At this moment, GLOW offers more and is more well organised. Looking forward to improvements to the Singapore night lights!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Bought this lovely dress from the Geylang serai pasar malam 2weeks ago :)

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy 47th birthday Singapore!!

The Chow family decked in the singapore national colors of Red and white :)

Now waiting to watch the national day parade!!

Visit to geylang serai - pasar malam (bazaar) n light up

Since Thursday is a public holiday, I was wondering what we can do with kaira on Wednesday night. Honestly, we hardly go out at night with kaira.... Except the occasional movie or dinner with frens/family. She is mostly in bed by 9pm even on weekends.

Since Hari raya is coming n she had Malay classmates, thot it may be a gd idea to bring her up visit the Malay village or something. Expose her to different cultural elements ....

After dinner, we drove to paya lebar mrt and was greeted by bright lights and a huge huge pasar malam!!

Kaira was quite excited n was keen to explore. We started walking at around 815pm and ended slightly after 10pm. Considering that she walked the whole time, it was a feat!! Haha.

We bought her a very nice baju ( Malay for dress) n hope she will get to wear it soon :)

She volunteered for henna hand painting n sat patiently to have both hands painted. She ate ice cream fr the ice cream uncle ( but she didn't like it very much ) .... And marvelled at the carpets, lights n snacks sold.

We spent all our time at the pasar malam n didn't make it to the Malay village ;) guess tats what Singaporean DNA is... Shopping takes priority any time!!! Lolol!!

I m ashamed to say also that this is my FIRST visit to the Hari raya light up n market!!!! *tsk tsk* we will try to visit again in future!!

Majulah singapura!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Underwater world @ Sentosa

Our first time as a family n kaira loved it. Being able to touch the fish and seeing them so close up was a thrill.

Funnily before the entrance to the underwater world there was a man with a snake pet and he was looking for people who would like to touch the snake. I didn't encourage kaira cos I myself do not like the snake very much ;p but she was keen to touch it and before I k we it, the snake was on her body and she was happy to have twirl round although she complained that it was heavy!! Lolol.

Ignorance is bliss.

It was a good end to our stay as we visited underwater world after we checked out at around 1pm. And timing was perfect as we made it to catch the dolphin show which was at 2pm.

An enjoyable time for kaira and us :)

Rasa Shangri-la @ Sentosa

As mentioned we stayed at rasa shangrila Sentosa, which is very suited for families. I wouldn't mind staying here again :) it's near siloso beach and there's a stretch of beachfront reserved just for hotel guests and worked really well for us as kaira simply wanted to be on the beach only !

After time on the beach, a few steps and we are at hotel pool. How convenient. :)

The buffet breakfast and dinner included I the package were excellent. Maybe it's becos we have not been to n Asian style hotel buffet in a long while.... Breakfast buffets in Europe b&b or hotels cannot compare to those offered in singapore hotels ;p

Forgot to take photos as we were busy stuffing ourselves.

During dinner, there was live music and kaira loved it.... Dancing her night away :)

Some photos to share.

Weekend on Sentosa Island.....

We had a fun and relaxing time this weekend @ Sentosa!

Whilst we have visited Sentosa for day trips, it's our first time as family staying overnight on the island.

I chose Rasa Shangrila Sentosa Resort as i have heard that it's a family friendly resort and after some price comparison, the more affordable one after all ;)

I booked a family fun package which included dinner for us, and some additional activities. Worked out well for us. 

i think the hotel was refurbished not too long ago, so the rooms were really nice and well appointed.  we had a balcony facing the pool and it was lovely.  honestly, i could have just lazed in the room the whole day but would my daughter let me do that?? haha!

we arrived around 1030am on Saturday and the first thing we did after checking in was to go to the beach.  Kaira was really looking forward to it and she simply loved the beach..  Not the fancy slides @ the children's pool or kids' activities available @ the Kid's club.  She was content just playing with the sand on the beach and dipping in the sea.

She could have done that the whole day if we didn't pull her away from it!!

And when she isn't swimming in the sea or playing by the beach, she's content to walk along the beach and kicking water......