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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why did I choose to go back to work?

I get questions ocassionally and i myself do wonder sometimes why I chose to go back to work? How long will I work? Is it worth it?

I don't really have an answer but I do have some thots abt this....

Worth is quite difficult to measure in this case. N the politically correct answer I suppose is that not can compare to staying home and being there for my child and looking after her.

In fact I do think that way. So why then the decision to return to the workforce??

Several reasons, not in any particular order:

- been out of the workforce for 5+ years, mebbe even longer. If I continue to stay out, it would get more b more challenging to land a job that is not too lowly paid
- it is now or never I suppose. Plus my parents now can help with looking after her n she is only in kindergarten... Not as demanding as primary school. I m thinking of being with her when the time comes for her to go primary school.... I dunno yet.... Let's c how.
- the job, to a great extent, is an 'ideal' job. Allows me to be involved in meaningful discussions (strategy, marketing etc) yet no 'real' p&l responsibility. There r some not so glamorous bits but I can live with them ;p plus I work for someone I know n trust n am comfortable with.
- it was also a personal challenge I suppose... Whether I m up to it? To return to the workforce....

I guess I m happy for now :) let's see how long this phase lasts n what and when is the next phase? I think this is impt bit - that this is but a phase. :)juz enjoy n go with the flow.... Before the next adventure begins!

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