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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rochester Park

I remember reading abt a children's play area+restaurant in the area but never had the chance to visit it....

Decided today to go explore n we were very lucky that today happened to be carnival day at the place too!! How blessed!!

The place is called Seb's bistro n situated in a colonial black and white bungalow.

Must say the Rochester park area is nice, lots of green and the black n white bungalows exude a very colonial feel..... The short walk we had gives the impression all the bungalows are now F&B outlets.... Good or bad???

Seb's bistro .... Well, the food was average tho ambience quite nice. Lucky there was the carnival cos the indoor play area seemed more suited for toddlers....if We had come specifically for the play area I would be disappointed. Actually we did, juz glad they had the carnival!!!

The outdoor area was small n actually there isn't much space for kids to run abt. I had imagined large patch of greens u know Wat I mean?? Heehee.

Guess this is Singapore after all. Land is expensive.

There was craft activity this morning which she enjoyed, face painting, music&movement, magic show etc so she was very excited n happy!!! Apparently this will be annual event so we shall look out for it next year! :)

One thing I observed, there were more foreigners than locals.... Sad.... Where r all the locals??

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