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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Collected my first pay check ....

While technically not my first, but first in 5+years.... Abt one week back.

How does it feel?? Hmmm.... many thots fleeted through my mind.... Wish I have more energy n time to write abt them....

Anywayz.... One strong feeling tat came across n slightly surprised me was the 'liberating' feeling.....

Liberated from???

Since I stopped work in 2006 ( I did consulting contract work tat year) I did have income, from my trading activities... But the cash flow was not predictable n very hard-earned... So we have always lived our lives on a single income..... to prepare for any 'eventuality'.... ; p and when I was in Netherlands, I was so preoccupied with kaira I stopped for abt 2 yrs be4 picking it up again in late 2010.

I have a spreadsheet of our expenses since many many years ago to help control our finances n still practice that today.

When we have out of norm expenses, I will always try to compensate that fr elsewhere to exercise some 'ctrl' .

After living so many years on a single income n suddenly having the additional income is therefore 'liberating'- freedom to indulge in some 'frills' without thinking too hard n calculating the dollars n sense ;p

I was really surprised how much I liked that feeling!! But I also know that I cannot get too used to this feeling... Cos when tat happens, I will once again be 'slave' to a job. Without the freedom ;) heehee.

Guess it helps that I m not into branded stuff n tho I enjoy the ocassional shopping, I m not that into it ;) phew. My one weakness is food. N with the additional income I m happy to be able to indulge more than once a month .... Heeheee

So yes I continue to keep track our expenses, and live on a single income. :))

On a separate note, juz to share a recent pix of kaira. She is very cheeky these days!!

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