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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anything abt the Netherlands that I miss?

Met up with a couple who are back in sg for summer hols.... Inevitably the conversation will touch on do we miss Netherlands? R we adjusting well to Singapore? Do we not find Singapore crowded? Which do we think is better - Singapore or Netherlands - to live in?

I do think about these occasionally.... And my conclusion has always been nothing beats home. Of course there will be times I miss the 'cool' weather in Europe, but whenever I think of the rain, wind n cold Dutch weather, I know u m grateful to be back in the tropics!! Haha!!

One thing I truly miss about living in the Netherlands n which we definitely can't find it here or any near replacement is the travelling... How easy it is n accessible! Juz pack our luggage, hop into the car n we are off!!! So much less hassle compared with being in Singapore!! Not to mention cheaper too!! That's one thing I truly miss.

So much so that I don't feel like taking holidays since we came back to SG! Heehee. Plus, it's definitely do cheaper to travel in Europe.... :) o wellz.... Guess I juz have to re-adjust to the norm here....not sure our next trip will be.... ????

But overall, no I do not miss living in Netherlands that much. :) Singapore to me, has a lot more positives ;) having said that , we are still open to the idea of relocating in the future should the opportunity arise. In this day n age, that may happen sooner than later!?!? Haha... I dunno....

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