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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why did I choose to go back to work?

I get questions ocassionally and i myself do wonder sometimes why I chose to go back to work? How long will I work? Is it worth it?

I don't really have an answer but I do have some thots abt this....

Worth is quite difficult to measure in this case. N the politically correct answer I suppose is that not can compare to staying home and being there for my child and looking after her.

In fact I do think that way. So why then the decision to return to the workforce??

Several reasons, not in any particular order:

- been out of the workforce for 5+ years, mebbe even longer. If I continue to stay out, it would get more b more challenging to land a job that is not too lowly paid
- it is now or never I suppose. Plus my parents now can help with looking after her n she is only in kindergarten... Not as demanding as primary school. I m thinking of being with her when the time comes for her to go primary school.... I dunno yet.... Let's c how.
- the job, to a great extent, is an 'ideal' job. Allows me to be involved in meaningful discussions (strategy, marketing etc) yet no 'real' p&l responsibility. There r some not so glamorous bits but I can live with them ;p plus I work for someone I know n trust n am comfortable with.
- it was also a personal challenge I suppose... Whether I m up to it? To return to the workforce....

I guess I m happy for now :) let's see how long this phase lasts n what and when is the next phase? I think this is impt bit - that this is but a phase. :)juz enjoy n go with the flow.... Before the next adventure begins!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anything abt the Netherlands that I miss?

Met up with a couple who are back in sg for summer hols.... Inevitably the conversation will touch on do we miss Netherlands? R we adjusting well to Singapore? Do we not find Singapore crowded? Which do we think is better - Singapore or Netherlands - to live in?

I do think about these occasionally.... And my conclusion has always been nothing beats home. Of course there will be times I miss the 'cool' weather in Europe, but whenever I think of the rain, wind n cold Dutch weather, I know u m grateful to be back in the tropics!! Haha!!

One thing I truly miss about living in the Netherlands n which we definitely can't find it here or any near replacement is the travelling... How easy it is n accessible! Juz pack our luggage, hop into the car n we are off!!! So much less hassle compared with being in Singapore!! Not to mention cheaper too!! That's one thing I truly miss.

So much so that I don't feel like taking holidays since we came back to SG! Heehee. Plus, it's definitely do cheaper to travel in Europe.... :) o wellz.... Guess I juz have to re-adjust to the norm here....not sure our next trip will be.... ????

But overall, no I do not miss living in Netherlands that much. :) Singapore to me, has a lot more positives ;) having said that , we are still open to the idea of relocating in the future should the opportunity arise. In this day n age, that may happen sooner than later!?!? Haha... I dunno....

Will she like durians as much as I do??!?

Kaira is very funny.... She tells me she likes the smell of durians... But she doesn't want to try it!

Whenever we pass a stall selling durians, she will ask me to buy (-_-) and when I say no, she will remind me how yummy/delicious durians are! Lol

I hope one day she will enjoy durians as much as I do.

On a separate note, durian season is coming to an end..... :(

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rochester Park

I remember reading abt a children's play area+restaurant in the area but never had the chance to visit it....

Decided today to go explore n we were very lucky that today happened to be carnival day at the place too!! How blessed!!

The place is called Seb's bistro n situated in a colonial black and white bungalow.

Must say the Rochester park area is nice, lots of green and the black n white bungalows exude a very colonial feel..... The short walk we had gives the impression all the bungalows are now F&B outlets.... Good or bad???

Seb's bistro .... Well, the food was average tho ambience quite nice. Lucky there was the carnival cos the indoor play area seemed more suited for toddlers....if We had come specifically for the play area I would be disappointed. Actually we did, juz glad they had the carnival!!!

The outdoor area was small n actually there isn't much space for kids to run abt. I had imagined large patch of greens u know Wat I mean?? Heehee.

Guess this is Singapore after all. Land is expensive.

There was craft activity this morning which she enjoyed, face painting, music&movement, magic show etc so she was very excited n happy!!! Apparently this will be annual event so we shall look out for it next year! :)

One thing I observed, there were more foreigners than locals.... Sad.... Where r all the locals??

How different life is in Singapore for us....

In the half year that we have been back in sg we watched 3 movies. 0 in the 3+years we were in Netherlands.

I bought more clothes in 6 mths then in 3+years. Granted tat is also a function of me working ;p

Kaira hangs out less with frens her age....

Kaira watches a lot more tv these days....

We have been on one 'holiday' only ;p ...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Collected my first pay check ....

While technically not my first, but first in 5+years.... Abt one week back.

How does it feel?? Hmmm.... many thots fleeted through my mind.... Wish I have more energy n time to write abt them....

Anywayz.... One strong feeling tat came across n slightly surprised me was the 'liberating' feeling.....

Liberated from???

Since I stopped work in 2006 ( I did consulting contract work tat year) I did have income, from my trading activities... But the cash flow was not predictable n very hard-earned... So we have always lived our lives on a single income..... to prepare for any 'eventuality'.... ; p and when I was in Netherlands, I was so preoccupied with kaira I stopped for abt 2 yrs be4 picking it up again in late 2010.

I have a spreadsheet of our expenses since many many years ago to help control our finances n still practice that today.

When we have out of norm expenses, I will always try to compensate that fr elsewhere to exercise some 'ctrl' .

After living so many years on a single income n suddenly having the additional income is therefore 'liberating'- freedom to indulge in some 'frills' without thinking too hard n calculating the dollars n sense ;p

I was really surprised how much I liked that feeling!! But I also know that I cannot get too used to this feeling... Cos when tat happens, I will once again be 'slave' to a job. Without the freedom ;) heehee.

Guess it helps that I m not into branded stuff n tho I enjoy the ocassional shopping, I m not that into it ;) phew. My one weakness is food. N with the additional income I m happy to be able to indulge more than once a month .... Heeheee

So yes I continue to keep track our expenses, and live on a single income. :))

On a separate note, juz to share a recent pix of kaira. She is very cheeky these days!!