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Monday, June 04, 2012

my first day at work

today's my first day back at work.  it was OK..... just how i imagined a first day at work to be ;p feeling a lil blur, trying to make sense of everything that's happening around.

when i reached home, kaira appeared happy and well. so, i thought.

but according to my mum she had a rather long crying session in the morning after she woke up, looking for me and was quite difficult.

as we put her to bed, she seemed ok. but after a while, she came out with her sad face and then started crying again.  saying that she misses me, she doesn't want me to go work, etc etc.  very very sweet ..... and makes me wanna cry to.  and so, she cried and cried for at least half an hour. hugging me and telling me she wants me to do this and that with her tmr after i come back from work.

not sure how long she will take to adjust to me going back to work.  i pray that the Lord will be gentle on her and that she will adjust as quickly as she can.

can't bear to see her feeling so sad for a prolonged period ;(

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