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Thursday, June 14, 2012

2 weeks on @ work

and so.... i am sure u r not surprised that i will be updating my blog less often ;)  cos what is there to write about a monotonous life that repeats itself?  hahaha!

wellz, we are all adjusting especially little kaira.  poor gal.  she can get so emotional sometimes i wonder if its good for her.  she has her good days and bad days (but i guess more bad days) and she gets angry with everyone, making life quite difficult for her old grandparents who has to deal with her on a daily basis.

plus, no matter how i try, i get home ard 7pm on most days (the earliest i have gotten home is around 635pm and that, is becos i was rushing home to take a conference call @ 7pm! and the latest so far is 8pm)  so evening time is particularly difficult for my parents cos she will sometimes be very difficult -- don't want to bathe, don't wait to eat dinner etc saying that she wants to wait for me (-_-)

when hubbie is around, it's slightly better cos he will try to be home earlier (ard 6+ since his office is nearer) and he continues working at home after she's settled.  but he's been travelling lately and is not around :( this month is quite bad, he has like 3 (or is it 4??) trips and even though some he tries to keep them short, it adds up lah.... like this week he's not around the entire week......

so yes, as u can read, we are adjusting.  praying that we will all be more settled come end June cos that's when my dad's going for another operation.  hope kaira will be more adjusted by then :) so that we can hv one less thing to worry about :)

as for me..... all i can say is i am still assessing whether going back to work is worth my while :) plus i am on contract anyway ... heehee.  let's see how things go....

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