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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kaira's first visit to the dentist

In April I spotted decay on one of her tooth and decided to make an appt with the dentist I hv her teeth checked and cleaned.

Remember reading abt other kids visit to the school dental care centre and called for an appt. this being a subsidised service for school children, appt is rather difficult to get ;p could hv brought her to a pte clinic but I tot we could wait since the decay wasn't tat bad.

Glad we went today cos it was also an educational visit for kaira!! The Dentist presumably has a lot of experience with kids and she was very engaging and reassuring. Showing kaira the various tools, letting her touch the brush that is going to be used to clean kaira's teeth, so on and so forth. Plus the entire area was so well decorated and cheery looking, it looked like a fun plc to be in! Haha! In fact, after the visit kaira declared that she liked it and would like to visit the dentist again! Haha! And there I was worrying what her reaction will be. Phew!

Anyway, no filling was done. Did general cleaning and got a tube of tooth mousse to help with the decay .

Will have to monitor and have a follow up visit later in the year!

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