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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I miss kaira already!!

today's the second day that kaira's taking the school bus to school.  i went for my driving lesson this morning and couldn't make it back in time to send her off.

guess what i did?  i decided to pop by her school, since it's quite on the way home and waited for her there... just to see how she behaves "independently"! ;p

hahaha .... talk about being attached!! always concern about how the little one can adapt.... i think i should be more concern about whether i can adapt!!

after 4+years of day-in day-out having her as company and "revolving" around..... it's exciting and scary at the same time -- this idea of going back to work.

let's see how things go! slightly more than a week before i embark on another phase of my life.

Whatever it brings --  I need to remind myself that every phase is an adventure.  Just enjoy and embrace.

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