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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hong Kong May 2012

We made a rather last minute decision to visit hong kong and was there 18-22 may.

We have not been back there since we left in March 2008 and I was kind of looking forward to it!

And it was indeed a nostalgic trip....  hong kong didn't seem to have changed.... So it was like a lil like coming home, yet not really home. Complicated, I know ! Heehee.

We booked a CX flight+hotel package and I m really very pleased with that decision!!! since we were familiar with hong kong, we initially thought of staying at a less touristy/central location, in the hope of getting better prices for the room .....but hong kong room rates are quite pricey these days..... so when i saw the CX promo with packages starting from 500+ for flight and 2N stay in hotels in western area hong kong, i spied a good deal!

eventually decided to stay at causeway bay since we do not have much time in hong kong and i think it's better to stay in a convenient and central area plus, it fits into my mission for this trip!! hahaha.

and what's the mission?? wellz, i am starting a contract job in june and really needed to a brand new wardrobe!! i have no shoes, no clothes, no bags suitable for work.  :( so heehee, hong kong seems the perfect place to help me with the mission.  i had initially planned to bring kaira to Ocean Park on Monday, but we scrapped that cos mission wasn't completed by Sunday and we needed monday to complete the mission!! haha!!

guess she will hv to wait for another trip to enjoy Ocean Park! but i think she still found this trip fun cos she had fun with her 2 frens!!

it was good trip overall :) more updates to come :) 

causeway bay

Sheung Wan


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