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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hong Kong May 2012 - Part 3

we didn't see much of hong kong (in terms of sights and touristy activities....) we saw alot of shopping malls and ate alot.

haha, yes, that's all we did.

come to think of it, this is the first time we are taking a city holiday with kaira.... not sure how she will behave .... thank God for her 2 frens Sophia and Aislinn whose company she enjoys tremendously.  otherwise, think she will not be so cooperative ;)

on the first day, we met my fren for breakfast at a 大排档 it was a rather warm morning so she wasn't the most keen.  and the first few questions/comments she made when we arrived at the place were "Why is it so dirty?" "Why do we have to share table with other people?" "the bowls and chopsticks are dirty"  (-_-) haha! didn't expect that from her!!

doesn't look very good.  but we liked it! our regular breakfast place when we were living in HKG  

We then went to a suburban shopping mall for some serious shopping.  It's located @ Kwai Fung MTR station, called Kwai Chung Plaza. Very crowded on a saturday afternoon -- so we know there must be lots of goodies to be found here!  just need to be brave and patient to find your treasure!! better if one has the whole day to do so and the stamina too! hahaha! thank God i had the help of a 军师 ..... else i may just leave empty handed ;) heehee.

That's really how our daily schedule looks -- meet frens for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  shopping in between. that's it! heehee.

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