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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hong Kong May 2012 - Part 2

we essentially had 3.5days in hong kong and honestly, it's way too short.  especially for us.  to many friends we would love to meet but didn't get to do so.  too many sights which we want to see and reminiscence.  so much that i would like to eat. plus i have a shopping mission to accomplish.

in early 2004 when we first moved to hong kong. it was crowded.  too crowded i thought.

8 years later.  it is even more crowded!! I don't know how they manage to fit in so many people into Hong Kong! everywhere is crowded ALL of the time.  i thought maybe it would be better on a weekday but causeway bay was equally crowded!! *faints*

when we returned to Singapore last year i thought singapore has become as crowded as Hong Kong. I am wrong.  Hong Kong is way ahead of the curve compared to us!! ;p hahaha.

just like singapore, this increase in population is putting alot of pressure on the property prices.  that aside, i think generally the cost of living in Hong Kong today is lower compared to Singapore!!

You may disagree but this is based on my observations.

-- the cost of a bus ride from my place to causeway bay remains the same as 4 years ago -- not just the public bus but also the minibus 小巴 . in singapore, how many times have our public transport increased fares in the last 4 years ??
-- the facial wash/moisturiser that i use is 15% cheaper off the counter at Guardian equivalent.
-- clothes definitely cheaper especially casual wear
-- eating out -- i think it's comparable to singapore, if not cheaper.  there are of course expensive options, just have to make the right choices :)  only exception is our hawker centre, i think that's still a cheaper alternative.
-- electronic products are cheaper in HKG

times are a changing indeed!!

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